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“There are a billion people, right now, with access to the internet and feature phones who could use bitcoin as an international wire-transfer service.”

Andreas M. Antonopoulos – The blockchain expert

Fees in / out
0 %

Minimum investment
50 BTC (0.5M EUR)

Managment fees
5 %

Bluerock Crypto fund

The fund strategy is composed of these key areas: Long-term holding of early stage tokens, margin trading, arbitrage, marketmaking, OTC trading, running lightning channels, and crypto loan services..


The idea to build the fund started in mid 2016, after a successful year of trading, helping ICO's, investing and holding, funding OTC trades and engaging in arbitrage. The Bluerock team had proved its vision and started creating and registering a fund in Switzerland.


In early 2017 we were told by well-connected advisors to immediately stop the registration process and move into the grey zone. It was the only possible way for us to protect our clients‘ funds and continue doing business. All current crypto-related funds are required to file information about their clients. They must comply with government and financial institution regulations and follow all relevant rules, such as Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), which can require revealing clients‘ personal info, and the value of their accounts.

Bluerock Group is going to stay under the radar, to operate without regulations or controls. To be able to function in this mode we will accept only Bitcoin as the medium of exchange for deposits or withdrawals. A fixed rate will be applied, so clients don't need to gamble with exchange rate volatility. This will ensure privacy for both parties - yours and ours - in this whole process. Payouts are also done in Bitcoin.

Fund Profile:

Fund code: BRCCF
Fund Company: None
Inception Date: 01. 12. 2016
Fees in / out: 0 %
Minimum investment: 50 BTC (0.5M EUR)
Minimum term: 6 months
Management fees: 5 %

Portfolio Weightings:

OTC trading: 25%
Long-term holding: 23%
Arbitrage: 19%
Marketmaking / ICO: 15%
Margin trading: 10%
Loans against BTC: 5%
Mining / Lightning channels: 3%

Fund Performance:

2017 (year closed) 0.18% daily, 5.36 % monthly, 64.32 % yearly
2018 (updated 01. 04. 2018) 0.25 % daily, 7.48 % monthly, 89.73 % yearly

Client offerings:

Select from the following available options for investment:

Fund name Minimum Investment Offer valid from Availability
BRCCF 0.5 mil EUR 01. 12. 2016 FULL

UPDATE 15. 11. 2017 - the Bluerock's Crypto Fund is full and not accepting new clients / funds. Please feel free to send us your interest, we shall get back to you when situation changes.

How much you want to invest:

What makes Bluerock unstoppable?

Our vision and goals are straightforward. We know why, when and how to achieve those goals.
Our security is organized with military grade procedures and know-how.
Our strength is in great team play! We love what we do. We play hard but safe!
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Legal provisions (Disclaimer)

Nothing contained on this website constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice by Bluerock Group, nor should anything on this website be relied upon in making an investment or other decision. You should consider obtaining relevant and specific professional advice before making any investment decision.

The fund will not be available to small individual investors. It won’t be listed on an exchange. Instead, it will exclusively target qualified investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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