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Bluerock is the real deal. Our team includes: entrepreneurs, hackers, privacy fighters and professional investors who have real-life expertise, not just in the crypto and blockchain technology world. We operate worldwide, working online, in the air and on the ground. Our founders have roots in Switzerland, Austria, Russia, and Singapore.

What Are We Like

Build, Innovate, Share

Our team is deeply committed to the strong ideology behind blockchain and Bitcoin. In the very early stage of our evolution we started with trading, pumping and dumping tokens and ICOs, developing and testing bots, arbitrage, and OTC trading.

Trade, Travel

Since we are connected and well known for our trading capabilities, we are able to execute any value OTC trade in any form or location. Privacy, discretion and security are what our clients value most.

Security, Privacy, Freedom

We believe in helping investors reclaim and guard their privacy, as well as educating them on how to keep their information secure. This gives them financial freedom, freedom of choice over where to pay taxes and live, and freedom of access to the internet. We will happily support any project related to these issues that align with our core values.

Bluerock is open to investing in new projects and ideas. The projects must be related to our vision and follow our group rules.

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The code of rules we follow:

We educate: We want more people to understand blockchain technology better. We support education about the "Internet of money" movement.

We give: Only when we stop worrying about financial security we can start creating more value as human beings. We offer truly fair returns to those who trust in our vision and us.

We play safe: Multisignatory requirements, cold storage, GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard), tails, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) phones and other security protocols need to be in place. Physical security when doing large OTC trades is done with military trained operatives.

We play fair: We are not scared to play at the edges when needed. We strongly disagree with any illegal activities and follow strict ethical rules.


Question: I'm not sure if this is a scam! How can I verify?
Answer: If you think we are a fraud, please do not sign up. Watch our activity securely from a distance and invest when you trust us.

Question: Why do you have to be anonymous?
Answer: There are many reasons. Here is a summary:
    Anonymity itself is, from the outset, linked to the roots of Bitcoin. The P2P network was founded as a decentralized, uncontrollable, unregulated and non-taxable platform. The only way to be certain to achieve this is to maintain anonymity.

    Success corrupts and threatens at the same time. Readers should consider whether they would want to read about themselves and their families in a daily newspaper?

    Fighting the system publicly is a beautiful idea. In reality, however, the system will destroy you. This is not only about you personally, but also about the people you know and love. Risking your own life is one thing, but the decision to step out of shadows can automatically put the lives of your loved ones at risk. Your decision is your personal responsibility. You can never take that decision back, and you will only regret it.

    How can we guarantee your anonymity if we ourselves are not known? From a security point of view, it would be enough to come to the address and put the gun by our head. Then we could not guarantee the safety of the funds. In this "better case", we would be directly exposed to social hacking, which is most effective. One can fight and defend against this, but it is easier if one does not.
We do not want our names to be famous. This is about creating an idea, a symbol that can inspire people. Names are transient and easy to destroy. Symbols persist.
    Here is an example of the members we advise and show in a variety of articles on how to protect their privacy on the internet. If we did not, we would be hypocrites. We would preach water and drink wine, or in this case rather the opposite.

    Some say anonymity is a paradise for fraudsters. That is true, but ...

    Stock exchanges and similar legal firms are based offshore, at the ends of the world, where no one publicly knows their directors or spokespeople. Formerly MT Gox's most famous stock exchange – which long manipulated the market and robbed clients of funds - publicly punished their CEO - not the owners who are unknown. Who really owns Bitfinex? Virtually no one knows (formal leadership is there, but who are the investors, or the investors who have an influence on the business?). Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, is anonymous. He has reasons for staying so. According to the above-mentioned argument, Bitcoin itself is a fraud, as is perhaps our entire financial system.
    Banks, business leaders, government administrators, and others are not anonymous. Has that ever affected their behavior towards people?

    It is quite possible that our activity will not appeal to someone with great influence and power. This can cause perpetual uncertainty and fear for my or my children‘s survival? Which government agency will want access to members' sensitive data, and what will they threaten? What new regulation will be created to stop us or destroy it? If this is not a meaningful and clear reason for anonymity, then there are none.

    Is this just paranoia or the very unpleasant reality of today?

Question: Why not borrow funds for your project from a bank or a traditional investor
Answer: Banks do not lend money to anonymously financed projects. We generally do not recognize the banking system and banks. Not at all. The last thing we want would be to support them.

Our project is not a standard issue, and a traditional investor would hardly loan money for it. If we were to present a public project with detailed specifications, we would not be able to perform effectively. As a public fund we would lose a tremendous advantage, and we would only gain government oversight and restrictive regulations. Who puts themself in that position voluntarily?

Legal provisions (Disclaimer)

Nothing contained on this website constitutes investment, legal, tax or other advice by Bluerock Group, nor should anything on this website be relied upon in making an investment or other decision. You should consider obtaining relevant and specific professional advice before making any investment decision.

The fund will not be available to small individual investors. It won’t be listed on an exchange. Instead, it will exclusively target qualified investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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